TurningPoints rests on some central values, ideas and concepts, which become pivotal in our choice of which projects to work with; as well as to the capacities and the relations we try to build:

  • Ideas: The human being as a goal in its own right. This rests on peace, equality, solidarity, difference, tolerance, learning
  • Vision: A world with different peaceful and sustainable but differentiated societies where people can freely settle or leave. Societies where work is an open collective activity in which you participate, freely because it is nice, fun, developing you, etc.   
  • Mission: To create organizations where people develop and prosper. And to create social and individual security and safety so that people can develop freely. This means working with both companies and policing – and developing these two basic social enteties so that they respond to local capacities and that they support local learning and development

Meta program:

  • TurningPoints perceives the problems of poverty and violence as one project
  • TurningPoints seeks to prevent direct violence by working with structural violence
  • TurningPoints does not work with 1’st order mediation, because 1’st order mediation does not transcend the root causes of present conflicts
  • TurningPoints works with 3’rd order conflict resolution which mediates conflicts through the creating of a new common position of the conflicting parties: new third cultures, with third culture rules

Value Creation

TurningPoints works hard to develop our common ideas about economy, ownership, leadership and expertise in order to generate a number of new economic and humanistic ideas that society worldwide needs:

  • TurningPoints will work for a development in which the human being is the goal - and not the means to other human beings. We believe that this will reduce social alienation, frustration and direct violence.
  • TurningPoints will work to prevent direct violence through its work with reducing structural violence. Today, we know that prevention is at least 10 times more effective than human rehabilitation and reconstruction of infrastructure
  • TurningPoints will work for a fair, creative and peaceful way out of both direct and structural violence
  • TurningPoints will work on spreading economic prosperity to help create meaningful, sustainable jobs and consumption.
  • TurningPoints will start up companies governed by an ethical code that directs production towards balanced, peaceful, sustainable products and services
  • TurningPoints will strive for production and consumption to become sustainable and peaceful
  • TurningPoints will work for a release of social creativity as best we can

TurningPoints: Because ending poverty requires the end of violence!