Nanna Kold, founder

I have always been very interested in communication processes between persons and in groups. Perhaps this is the reason for me being rather outgoing when it comes to conversations and dialogues? The many processes and levels of communication fascinates me and I can talk endlessly about this. I think this is so important, because it influences the end-results of the meeting, the teaching or whatever the process is called.

Today, I developed into a person, for whom it is important that my work makes a difference and is in accordance with my values. I believe in and work for a global world order where all people have equal rights and value. I tend to get involved in the working environment and the wellbeing of my colleagues, as I thrive when when people around me are happy.

My educational background

I am a social anthropologist focusing on and trained in social work with refugees, project management, organisational development, and facilitation of development processes. During my studies I travelled a lot - in Asia, but mainly in Indonesia, India - and the USA. I love the differences between cultures and life-styles. I have worked at the WHO, in municipalities, ina human rights organisation and in a multicultural housing association. I have a total of 10 years of experience managing large, complex projects, and 8 years of working at strategy development, management service, administration, and servicing political bodies and boards.


2003. My first job after graduating as an anthropologist was with the UN, WHO where I worked in the Health Evidence Network.

2004. After moving to Skive, Jutland, I started teaching language and understanding of the Danish society to refugee-women. Soon after, however, I got an offer to start working with internal and external communication in the development department of the municipality. Here I did focus group interviews, citizens meetings, fundraising, and formulation of strategies and policies.

This job took me to another position in the municipality as a project manager of development projects, proces consultant for citizens’ project groups, analysis and development tasks, formulation of strategy for municipal planning, formulation of village policy, fundraising, and servicing of political body ‘village council’. Furthermore I was the coordinator of an EU-Project (Interreg III) on citizen led development of rural areas.

In 2008 our family decided to move back to Copenhagen. After having ‘landed’ in Copenhagen I started working in The Rehabilitation Center for Torture Victims (RCT/later DIGNITY). I started working as a project secretary in the project: ”Prevention of crime among traumatised refugees: Implementation of network meetings within Danish municipalities”. The project was completed by a national conference. The project was carried out in close cooperation with main donor, the Egmont Foundation, who took particular interest in the project.

2012. After finishing the project, I started to work as a coordinator of the strategy proces at DIGNITY, with responsibility of internal communication. I also worked as the executive assistant to the Director General, servicing the management and the board. Co-responsible for Programme Office, developing and handling administrative processes at DIGNITY.

2015. New projects were started in DIGNITY, and I became the project manager of the projects: “Early intervention for traumatized refugees” and “Treating violence in traumatized families with a refugee background”. Both projects were externally funded by state and private donors. I was responsible for fundraising, donor relations and reporting, formulating project plans, ensuring progress according to plan and milestones, budget monitoring, communication, and team management. Very interesting projects.

2016. This year saw the family deciding to move back to Jutland. My interests however did not change, and so I started working with immigrants and refugees in Aarhus. I focus on parents and fathers in particular. Their capacity building and the strengthening of the fathers’ involvement in the children. I also serve as the secretary for the democratically elected board of Gellerupparken. 13 members of multiple cultural backgrounds. This work includes administration, capacity building, cooperation, conflict resolution and cross cultural communication.

You can download my full CV here.

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