What is TurningPoints?

TurningPoints is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that works with economy and security. Our aim is to create an economy for all, through a new type of company, and develop better and more just policing around the world through better leadership and conflict concepts - and through bringing together the companies and the police in practical training and dialogues.

Poverty and violence are closely related: to end one, you must end the other as well

Therefore TurningPoints’ core tasks are to develop new types of economies and policing through active involvement in setting up businesses, initiate training programs, coordinate interventions, carry out courses and research. It does so through two sub-divisions.

  • Pass It On’s task is to create companies that create companies, which are democratically owned, self-reliant, sustainable companies, with profit sharing.
  • Politeia’s task is to educate the police in leadership theory, conflict theory, conflict resolution, and in how to build a professional police force that people trust and turn to when in need.

TurningPoints is the coordinator between the two sub-divisions and the place where experience and knowledge is gathered, so that experience in one place can be used in another place.


The new business concept is called 'Pass It On' because the economical, professional and organisational learning processes that arises in one business must be passed on to 3 other new businesses.



TurningPoints is the coordinating NGO that works with two main concerns: development and security. We do so through business creation and police training in leadership and conflict resolution. In this process TurningPoint's task is knowledge generation, concept development and networking.



Politeia means 'the good society' - the society that prospers and where human beings thrive. In many ways this is the most central task of the police. For the police to become better at this, we offer the police education and practical training in leadership and conflict resolution.


Why TurningPoints?

The world is facing an unprecedented growth of the world population and at the same time realising that there are limits to material growth and consumption.

This biologically unsustainable and socially conflict-prone situation is left to political and economical ideas which were developed in the 17th century. We have to realise that they cannot produce answers and efficient practical solutions to the present day global situation, when it comes to sustainability, basic human needs, job creation and social-economic security.

What can we do?

The big challenge is to come up with both balanced and practical answers to these profound and practical challenges:

  • We cannot expand material growth to more sustainability. We have to Re-distribute and share!
  • We cannot compete to less inequality. We have to cooperate!
  • We cannot regard humans as means to ends. We have to humanise!
  • We cannot force humans to peace. We have to mediate!

If we do not react and change our basic ideas and practical everyday lives in a situation like this, the lines of social divide and intense poverty will deepen, and this will in turn result in social unrest, violence and migration for better opportunities in the structurally weak cities. This migration will lead to more hard policing, which will not solve the problems, but lead to more direct violence, and the escalation spiral of violence will then transform the internal migrant to an external refugee.

So, we have to come up with ways to prevent this escalation of violence. This could be in new ways of producing goods and new ways of sharing the profits. And we also have to come up with ways to create common social security and trust.

How can we do that?

TurningPoints has developed a new concept of company-creation that will not only deliver jobs at a properly geared pace, but will do so in a way that will benefit people in need in a sustainable way, without destroying precious resources and nature. This development will, however, not take place if it is met with no social order, with mistrust and with violence.

Thus, to create such a social economical growth process the police must be included. The name 'Police' is derived from the greek word 'politeia' which meant 'the good prosperous order'. Logically, the police of today must return to this understanding and take on the task to help the social development to become a good social order in which people thrive and prosper.

This could be a win-win: The economy needs social order and the police needs the economy. The lack of this balance has the same effect on the over-all economy as a civil war.

Alas, the police which is supposed to deal with these social tasks, is in many countries wrongly recruited, under-staffed, under-educated and under-paid. The result is inefficient policing and mistrust between population and police. Thus, in many places we see no security, no development and no economical growth.

The Idea, The Strategy, The Program and the Company

In TurningPoints, we modestly believe, we have developed good answers to some of these balances, dilemmas and practical challenges. Have a look:


The ideas are actually ancient ideas that have been formulated over and over again by very different persons in very different positions: that human beings must never become means to other human beings...



In TurningPoints we see the human being as both an individual and a social being. Historically, this has created many brutal dilemmas. This creates two basic human goals: to be individually free and to socially belong...



TurningPoints has programmed this summer to start with 1 out of 4 locally adapted initiatives. This summer the program consists of starting up a Pass It On Company, and at the same time offer the local police a training program...



TurningPoints has developed the Pass It On Concept, whose overall purpose is to reduce poverty and violence by establishing businesses with a new form of ownership and organisational structure...


What can YOU do?

You can donate any amount of money to a specific program: 1, 2, 3 or 4 - below:


This Pass It On Company will start up in Denmark, in Gellerup. Gellerup is the largest non-profit housing construction in Denmark. The unemployment rate is 50 % among men in the age between 40 - 60 years. They are typically refugees who need to be recognised.



This Pass It Company will start up in Greece. Greece has been suffering from a very bad financial situation, which is especially hard on the youth. The youth see an unemployment rate in the vicinity of 35 %. This means that they cannot get on with their lives.



This Pass It On Company will start up in Honduras. People who are fleeing the region toward USA give two reasons: unemployment and violence. Let us help them stay in their homes with family and friends. Let us donate jobs and offer the police better education.



This Pass It On Company will start up in Ethiopia. The new peace accord must be supported from the outside world, and in a way that expands the contry's own local ressources and capacities. Let us support a peaceful development so they can create a peace culture.


Thank you!